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The 12 Best Jobs for Dog Lovers

You’re a dog lover… why not make a career out of your love for dogs?

You enjoy nothing more than spending quality time with a furry puppy by your side, so why not make a living and get paid for your “dog loving”? Dust off your resume, get a doggy day or night job, and you’ll never have to work for a living. So now you’re wondering, what are the best possible jobs for dog lovers?

1. Veterinarian

Becoming a veterinarian is what most folks think of when they consider a career working with animals. In fact, it’s one of the most popular jobs choices for career day kids. Sadly, not many of them actually follow through on their dreams. Because just like becoming a human doctor, you don’t just learn how to be a veterinarian in a few hours of study. It takes a multiple year commitment to the education before you can do this. It’s a highly skilled profession that will take you 8-10 years of study.

Stick with it and you’ll be rewarded with what many consider the most prestigious animal career. You’ll get to spend your days working with a wide variety of animals, improving and saving the lives, and yes, helping them cross over when it’s time.

An alternate choice is to become a veterinary technician. It just takes a two-year course of training, then you can assist in daily veterinary tasks.

2. Dog Walker

Do you like walking in the park with dogs? Because becoming a professional dog walker could be your thing! Lots of people need help exercising and socializing their dogs because they don’t have the time or ability to do it themselves. Find a client, say hi to their pup, grab their dog’s leash and have fun! And yes, get paid for it.

Lots of dogs may be left alone while their people go do other things, like go to work for a living. Their doggos and pup pups need attention and company. You can save the day, help them feel better, and enjoy being with a wide variety of dogs without having to pay for their daily care and foot their food bill.

3. “Pawtographer”

Love dogs and you love taking pictures? Then this is the job for you! Take Rover’s stunning shots to rave reviews with a career in canine photography! Lots of dog parents want their pups on social media including Instagram, but aren’t very good photographers… You could be the answer to their prayers.

If catching Rover and Spot’s best glam look is your specialty, then look no further. This is a job designed especially for you. Put your portfolio together with your dog’s buddies or other dogs from the dog park. Then start spreading the word to get paid gigs. Consider the fun of being the special guest for weddings with dogs, doggie parties, and glam boutique shoots.

4. Dog Sitter

You love dogs and you love sitting? Here’s a great idea that could be perfect for you! Be a professional dog sitter. Help a fellow dog lover parent out and take care of their pooches while they are on vacation or away on a trip.

Hang out with the pack day or night, several days at a time or just occasionally. It’s a nice break for you, for which you’ll be well paid. Did you know you can meet and dozens – even hundreds – of pups in your side hustle as a dog sitter? Oh yea. You’ll be having fun and scratching your doggie love itch at the same time.

5. Pet Store Sales Associate

Pet stores are fun places to be, and as a store sales associate you won’t have to be an expert to enjoy spending time helping at the local pet store. All you need is a cheerful, animal loving personality, and a willingness to help out other animal lovers.

6. Dog Trainer

How good does it feel when you ask your dog to do something, and they actually DO IT!? “Sit” and Rover actually sits? You’re a dog training miracle is what you are!


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